How to Use Photoshop to Edit Your Images – Example: Fire Garden

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How to Use Photoshop to Edit Your Images – Example: Fire Garden

You now, when you sit in a car and you drive around and you see a super cool sunset – you hit the break (yes, on the street, hehe) and jump out and take a quick snap. Thats what I did here. The colours which I got in the image didn’t do any justice to the whole thing when I was there, so I changed it. Here is the final image:

And here is the original:

There is a lot of colour manipulation involved in this one. Check the video to see how I created this image. In a nutshell, I:

  • used curves to add red
  • used gradient maps to add even more red
  • used more curves to remove blue and, thus, add EVEN MORE red (hehe)
  • used clone stamp to remove lens flare
  • used Hue/Saturation to make the grass green
  • used the same to create some red flower heads
  • used layers and clone stamp to make even more red flower heads
  • used radial blur for the clouds
  • used lighting to create… well the lighting effect

Well, sounds like a lot but actually its quick to do. If you ever have to change colours in an image, for instance to set a sky on fire, just have a look here and try the same techniques!

If you like my images, make sure to have a look at my complete portfolio for more examples of HDR photography!

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