Lake Guinness

This is big! And when I say big, I mean it. In fact, I needed several hours to create this image and there was no way to write that down with screenshots. So, here we are on youtube for 40 min for a change – which is even better! See exactly what I do and how I do it and then do it yourself!

This image shows Lake Guinnes, a fantastic lake next to Dublin in Ireland. I used HDR techniques to create this image (whats HDR?) and used then layers in photoshop to create some magic (whats layers, you ask? Read this). I will split this at some point into some smaller tutorials, but in this massive 4-part episode you will see:

  • how I created a light source
  • how I created a lake 
  • how I made some cool grass
  • how I created light rays
  • how I added spot lights
  • how I cleaned an image using spot healing and clone stamp tool
  • how I changed normal clouds to “sunset clouds”

And some other smaller things I can’t even remember now, hehe. So here we go, here is the final image:

And here the boring original

If you like my images, make sure to check out my complete portfolio for more examples of HDR photography! 

Here is how I did it (in 4 parts as youtube doesn’t like long videos, hehe).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4