Using Photoshop to Process your Images – Example: Igloo Flowers

Using Photoshop to Process your Images – Example: Igloo Flowers

London is a busy place!

And when I say busy, I mean its just so big – every time I turned, I got lost somewhere. So I ended up in those tunnels (god knows where) and wasn’t able to find an exit for quite some time. Looking back, it was quite nice to get lost a little – at least I found this neat little flowers shop like a stamp in a super flat and boring brick wall. I loved how the colours of the flowers just made such a good contrast to what else was there. Which was nothing. Just the wall. So here is the final Image:

And here is my nah- version:

There was a lot of fun involved in this one! See, red, yellow and green are great colours together I believe, so I wanted to have each of them very dominant. But the flowers have to shine as well! Ha – well so here is what I did:

– contrast up!
– brightness down
– colours up
– textures up
– colourcast gone
– tons of layering and stuff hehe

Have a look at the video to see how I actually did it.

If you like the image, make sure to pop over to my portfolio!


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