Using Colour in Photoshop – Example: The Mirror House

Using Colour in Photoshop – Example: The Mirror House

Here is another one from my London trip earlier this year! Must say, I love all those super fancy glass buildings in this city. I am sure this one is super famous and has a name everybody knows… but you know, no idea, hehe.

Here is the final image:

And here is the original:

Anyway, I used the chance to play a little with colours in this one, one of the very pleasant sites of photography. It is also a very personal one, as each and every one has different opinions on what is a nice colour composition. Whatever it is for you, the principles in Photoshop are still the same. Today I am gonna show you some basic colour manipulation using:

– colour adjustment layers
– blending modes
– colour detection techniques
– filters to sharpen and get rid of chromatic aberration
– even more stuff!

It is not a crazy change, but it doesn’t have to be all the time – at least in my humble opinion.

Have a look at the video to see the full processing! If you like my images, have a look over at my portfolio for more stuff!

Happy processing!