8 Camera Hacks in 70 Seconds


8 Camera Hacks in 70 Seconds

Today, it is time to have some fun! There is so much stuff you can buy for your camera – and it is often expensive, serves few purposes, clunky… you name it.
But it does not have to be like this. It can be great fun to use things you most likely have already in the house to get creative with your camera. This is why today, I will show you 8 ways in which you can use stuff from home to create images you might not have thought about before!

I show you how to use common things like a torch, your phone, a plastic bag, your lighter, and even a picture frame in combination with your camera. Play around and see what you can create – and when you do so, show me what you come up with.

By the way, for those of you that have not noticed, this video is inspired by the great Peter McKinnon – he did something very similar to this a year ago and I just had to try it as well 🙂 Thanks Peter for inspiring millions! Some hacks are the same (they are simply great), some are my own of course haha (and some I adapted, such as the belt sling where I thought you can do without). Check out his channel, you won’t regret it! Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/user/petermckinnon24

Here is what awaits you in the above video:

1 – The Torch Flare

8 Camera Hacks in 70 Seconds

2 – The Smart Glare

3 – Dream Glare

4 – The Half Mirror

5 – Rainy Day

6 – Strap Sling

7 – Light Leak

8 – Shades