New Photo: Manhattan Bridge – What You Can Not Hear

Manhattan Bridge – What You Can Not Hear

This is not actually the Manhattan Bridge (it is Brooklyn Bridge), but I am standing on Manhattan Bridge to take this picture. When I entered the bridge, I wondered why there were no tourists at all, while Brooklyn Bridge is full of them (!). Once I had crossed about 25% of the bridge I got my answer – trains. There is a fluffin train crossing the bridge every 20 seconds. You know how loud trains can be when you stand right next to them, and I am not talking about the nice ICE ones that you can barely hear, I am talking transport trains that make you go insane!

After crossing about 60% of the bridge I really really did not wanna be there anymore – but the views compensated for this.

I recommend crossing Manhattan bridge if you have good headphones that can shield you a little from the noise – the views are stunning and you get something that most tourists do not get – a shot of Brooklyn Bridge! Oh, I would also like to thank the clouds and the one boat for the cooperation, I appreciate the support 😀

Manhattan Bridge - What You Can Not Hear