New Photo: One Great View With Ice Please

One Great View With Ice Please

Get it? Ice.. On the Rocks… Top of the Rocks? No? Ok – the place where this picture has been taken from is the so-called Top of the Rocks, which is the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York.

When I planned the places I wanted to visit, I kinda had to make a choice. Rockefeller Centre or World Trade Centre? When the planning was complete, I realised that I can get the sunset behind the World Trade Centre if I climb the Rockefeller Centre… which sounds great, until you read that you have to pay 34 Dollar up and you can not use a tripod. Sad days, but missing the chance would have been worst.

So I rocked up there (no pun intended), found a spot – and then I became one of these super annoying tourists that just do not move for hours. I had a perfect spot, a perfect angle, a little pillar in front of me on which I could ‘rest my tripod’ (hehe) – so I behaved like I own this place. I stood there for about 3h until it was dark, but got the whole sunset and all the winds the world has to offer.

The inspiration for this particular version came … from my phone. During the sunset, I took a picture with my iPhone to send it to people, but because I had a fingerprint on my lens, it came out all hazy… and I loved it! After this, I went for a stroll through the city… Good Times.

One Great View With Ice Please