Aurora HDR How To – Complete Workflow Example: Portos Lighthouse

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Aurora HDR How To – Complete Workflow Example: Portos Lighthouse

Welcome back! As I am traveling, I have to keep short but wanted to shoot you a quick video from my lovely hotel room in Stamford, CT!

Today, we will use Aurora to create some HDR awesomeness! The image we will work on has been taken in Porto, Portugal – I spent the day walking along the beach and ended up at this stunning lighthouse. A storm just came in and I got the dramatic clouds with the beautiful color; imagine how happy I was! The colours came out a little short, so I needed to fix this in post using Aurora.

I wont write down all the single steps this time – but have a look at the video if you are just about to start out with HDR photography and thought about using Aurora HDR 2018.

Here is the final version:

The Lighthouse of Porto

And here is the original:

aurora hdr 2018 tutorial original

Have fun friends! Happy editing, and don’t forget to get out there yourself!

By the way, you can now also check out my complete review of Aurora HDR 2019 here!

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