New Photo: The Never-Sleeping Bamboo Forest

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This is one of the most famous bamboo forests near Kyoto, Japan. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove looks absolutely stunning when you walk through or whenever you see it in pictures – however, there is one thing that comes with the fame: tourists. Like me, hundreds of people everyday make their way to the forest to take selfies and whatnot and it is a real challenge to get a picture of the place without anyone. A challenge that I failed, I might add, as you can see some people in the very centre.

I visited the forest twice – the first time was around lunch time and there was no chance to take any great photo. Ok, so the next morning I woke up earlier and arrived at 7 AM – just to find 20 people just like me that already took camp at this very well photographed spot. This is as close as I ever came to having this place empty.


The Never-Sleeping Bamboo Forest
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