New Photo: The Ghost of Mt. Fuji

So here is the thing. I think Mt. Fuji is a myth! While in Japan, there were 4 separate occasions during which we were supposed to have a superb view on that massive landmark – but I never saw it. This image here took a bit of preparation; we planned out the day with the intention to end up on this particular spot to see the sun sink just behind Mt. Fuji. We arrived about 1h before the sun would reach the mountain, but of course it was so hazy that it wasn’t visible yet.
Over time, an army of photographers arrived with heavy-duty tripods. We hoped that the haze would go away and the mountain would be beautifully visible once the sun is behind it. Well, that didn’t happen of course – the shadow that you see is as much as I should ever see of Mt. Fuji. 10 min later the sun was gone and the mountain disappeared into the realm of legend. 40 sad people left unsatisfied at this evening.

Of course I know the mountain is there. I just wanted to see it!


The Ghost of Mt. Fuji