Ner Photo: Tokyos Lifeblood

Tokyo is a vibrant city. But finding places where you can see this from the top can be challenging – not because there are no options, but because there are so many that you have to choose from. Well, if you are looking, I strongly suggest the Rooftop Bar at Andaz Tokyo. If you bring a zoom lens, you can get great city scenes – but there is a drawback. So you see, this is a rather… expensive bar as it is a hotel bar. Thats not the actual problem though. The bar has window seats (awesome sofas right next to full scale windows) and seats that are, well, not at the window. If you want to sit next to the window, you pay (approx) 20 Euro per person. Thats just sitting, and then the drinks.

Sounds like a lot, but we sat at a random seat without paying – I asked the staff if I can go to the window seats and take some pictures, which they were Ok with as long as I move should paying customers arrive. I did!

Worth it for a beer to get some great shots of Tokyos nightlife.


Tokyos Lifeblood