How To Rescue A Colourless Image In Aurora HDR

Welcome back! Sometimes, you don’t have time to set up a shot properly – like in this case! I was sitting at a bar, having a beer, and I realized there was a gorgeous sunset happening right next to me! So I placed the camera on the table, pointed in the general direction, and fired away. The outcome, of course, was not ideal – the image was underexposed, rather dull and the colors were basically not there.

However, when I checked the sky, I realised there are some colors in the few clouds – this was enough for me to throw the photo into Aurora HDR to see if I can turn this into a – still underexposed – colorful lovely sunset/evening image. And so I did. In the video above, I will show you how Aurora HDR can bring out the colors again and turn that otherwise dull image into a sweet memory.

By the way, Aurora HDR is currently being integrated into Luminar Neo – which is great! If you decide to check it out, remember to use the promo code ‘Letsimage’ at checkout to save 10%!