Luminar Neo Magic Light AI Extension – Does It Work?

Luminar Neo is constantly being updated – sometimes with good things, sometimes with things where I think “mhhh really?” But either way, as I use Luminar Neo a lot, it is time to check out one of the several extensions the software has to offer! Today, we will check out the Magic Light AI Extension.

What it does is pretty simple – it adds a starburst effect to the lights in your photo. If you have never heard of this, think of night images that you probably have seen or taken yourself – sometimes light sources have a ‘star’ in them, some kind of glare that makes the light source stand out a lot. With the Magic Light AI Extension, this is now possible within a few clicks.

Within the video, we will go over how exactly the extension works, but also if there are alternatives within Luminar Neo in case you don not want to spend the additional money on extensions.

Keep in mind – if you like Luminar Neo, you can get it here using the code “LETSIMAGE” at checkout to save 10%!