About Me

Welcome ladies and gentleman. I am a passionate landscape and cityscape photographer with a mission. This mission is to use common spots in this world and use them to open up portals into a fantastical landscape using photography. Doing so, I am not trying to make the real world ‘better’, but I aim to live out my creativity in every single one of my images. Each of my photographs takes me at least two days to create, excluding the actual trip to take the image, to make sure I have created whatever I imagined when I shot the scene. This is it: Fantasy, creativity, photography.

In order for me to be able to create my images, I have to manipulate them using Photoshop. This is something I love and I know many of you guys out there like to do the same. However, it is hard to get going – I know! And this is exactly the reason for this very page. Everyone has an idea. Everyone has this inner creativity which is waiting to be used. Here is the thing: I don’t want you to give up because there is so much to learn that it seems impossible to do it. I want you to be able to jump right into this amazing world of photography and to create whatever you feel like creating! I want to see what you create.

I am not a professional image editor payed by some magazines or so, I am just a guy who lives for photography and did spend the time to gather information about how to take and edit images. Whether you like my work or not is not the point – but if I can help you to get started with using the tools you need to create something awesome, then this is the greatest success for me. Let’s do this guys, you and me, one image at a time!

If you have any questions, suggestions (also to improve my own work!), or just feel like meeting up (I am currently in Ireland) to talk about or take photos, let me know here.

– this is about working together to take our photography to the next level.

windmill cliffside stackingstones