6 Things I DON’T LIKE About Luminar Neo

First things first – I do love Luminar Neo! Having said that, there are some minor things that do annoy me at times. If you are thinking about getting Luminar, have a look at the video above so you know both the good and the ‘bad’!

HDR Merge – I would love more control over the HDR creation process! A before (0 exposure) and after, a choice as to where I want which exposure to be laid over, anything!

Extensions – I do love them and they work well. Though I don’t understand why one would improve a function that the software already has, and then instead of just replacing the old not-so-good function with the better one, offer the improvement as a payable extension. Instead, just add the improvement to your software and make it more awesome! Not more expensive.

Canvas Rotation – If you are using a tablet, your hand follows natural movements to move the brush. Rotating the canvas helps a lot when painting something in or so – but that’s not a thing in Lunminar Neo. Yet!

Preset Preview – If you have 40 presets, you need to click on every single one to see what it does – every time. Little previews of the presets would help gather ideas faster and be much less infuriating and time-consuming.

Edit History – The idea itself is lovely, but I am missing the option to adjust earlier edits while seeing the effects of the new ones!

Performance – there are still times when Luminar uses 14 GB of RAM, is slow in reacting, or crashes. Having said that, that is more so true for the new AI Extensions and I can somewhat understand that they need a moment to work.

All in all these are minor things and just good to know. Keep in mind – if you like Luminar Neo, you can get it here using the code “LETSIMAGE” at checkout to save 10%!