New Photo: The Ultimate Light

Taking this photo in Lapland was exhausting. I was cowering against a slope, half sunken into snow at the edge of a lake in the middle of the night, obviously. One of the many problems was the branch that I used as a hole to photograph through – cause when it is so dark, you see NOTHING on the camera screen. So you don’t actually know what you shoot until you take the image. That means loads of taking a photo, repositioning the camera, trying again and so on until you have the frame that you want. Anyway, enough ranting – what you see here is a composition of different focuses so that the sky, the trees in the back and the branch are as sharp and crisp as possible. It didn’t work completely, but I’m still happy with the outcome!

New Photo: Connected Land

Images like this make me think – Back before they built these bridges, getting around was a super pain! For every little trip, you had to take some sort of boat, navigate the currents, and ideally not crash into random rocks … Amazing how over the last many years we managed to remove many of these obstacles.

New Photo: Peaky Peakers

Sardinia was a trip! That’s right, a trip and a trip. While exploring the island by public transport, we managed to always be at a stunning little beach during sunset and sunrise – this was one of those sunrises. The water was cold, and you didn’t see where you stepped (and if there was something you could step on) – but the results were absolutely worth it.

New Photo: Mighty One

Icelands waterfalls are impressive – even more so if they have a beautiful cave that goes with it! I am used to having to hike to places like this for hours – but nope, not in Iceland. This one here was 10 min walking from our Hotel!