New Photo: The Last Light

If you like winter scenes, you will love Lapland! Beautiful shapes in the snow, sunsets that create a golden touch on the ground and trees – what else could you want! Some hot wine maybe, but that’s a different story.

New Photo: A Single Track

I was flying around with my drone, trying to spot some Reindeer – which is when I noticed the awesome light that came through those trees at sunset. I love the contrast between the golden light and the cool shadows on the snow – but even more – the lone tracks that were left by a fox.

New Photo: The Great Sunset

I’ve seen some sunsets in my life – but this one was so good that it felt unreal. I can only assume it was the whole situation – ice cold, eyelashes frozen, a deep red sunset that threw a soft red onto the undisturbed snow, and all these natural frames that would be created by the frozen trees.