New Photo: Forbidden Land

Many of the tourist beaches in Costa Rica had a perimeter. If you get close to the edge, there would be about a billion signs saying that you should not continue unless you want to meet crocodiles. Fair enough – but where I can’t go, my drone can!

New Photo: Stop And Go

With Sardinia being an Island, there obviously are an insane amount of beaches. The cool thing though is that these beaches differ quite a lot – you have the pretty ones with soft sand, rocky ones with rough stones, or weirdly spiky ones that are perfect for sunset photography.

New Photo: Peaky Peakers

Sardinia was a trip! That’s right, a trip and a trip. While exploring the island by public transport, we managed to always be at a stunning little beach during sunset and sunrise – this was one of those sunrises. The water was cold, and you didn’t see where you stepped (and if there was something you could step on) – but the results were absolutely worth it.