New Photo: The Last Light

If you like winter scenes, you will love Lapland! Beautiful shapes in the snow, sunsets that create a golden touch on the ground and trees – what else could you want! Some hot wine maybe, but that’s a different story.

New Photo: The Great Sunset

I’ve seen some sunsets in my life – but this one was so good that it felt unreal. I can only assume it was the whole situation – ice cold, eyelashes frozen, a deep red sunset that threw a soft red onto the undisturbed snow, and all these natural frames that would be created by the frozen trees.

New Photo: Winter Wonder Hole

Lapland at minus 35 degrees offers so many amazing compositions! Just look at this one – this is a frame made out of a frozen and snow-covered tree, showing completely frozen branches that complement a frozen hole to look at frozen trees with a snowy undisturbed foreground!

New Photo: The Ultimate Light

Taking this photo in Lapland was exhausting. I was cowering against a slope, half sunken into snow at the edge of a lake in the middle of the night, obviously. One of the many problems was the branch that I used as a hole to photograph through – cause when it is so dark, you see NOTHING on the camera screen. So you don’t actually know what you shoot until you take the image. That means loads of taking a photo, repositioning the camera, trying again and so on until you have the frame that you want. Anyway, enough ranting – what you see here is a composition of different focuses so that the sky, the trees in the back and the branch are as sharp and crisp as possible. It didn’t work completely, but I’m still happy with the outcome!