New Photo: Mighty One

Icelands waterfalls are impressive – even more so if they have a beautiful cave that goes with it! I am used to having to hike to places like this for hours – but nope, not in Iceland. This one here was 10 min walking from our Hotel!

New Photo: View Recovered

I am not a great drone pilot – at all. I fly slow, always scared a bird is gonna crash into my drone. As a result, I do at times forget to check the actual camera settings – and as a result of that result, I sometimes get completely underexposed images. This photo here is one of those – it was completely underexposed. I managed to recover some details, but any zoom might reveal some strange colored pixels. Still – works for screens, so I take it!

New Photo: Norway Mountains

Norway’s mountains are quite impressive. I visited the Lofoten Islands to see exactly that – and I was not disappointed. Combined with beautiful sunsets and vibrant colors, everywhere I looked was simply stunning. Look at this image for a moment and take it all in!

New Photo: Mountain Road

The curse of loving photography is that you never just ‘do something’. Even just driving in a car as a passenger. Others might just sit and maybe check the phone, listen to music, or play a dumb travel game – but my head goes around like a lighthouse, trying to see opportunities to abruptly stop the car. So I did in this case – and I gotta say, that feeling of standing on a road that is properly frequented never gets old. Don’t worry, each crossing takes 4 seconds and there is no danger to me or other drivers, but it’s still a fun little rush every time. Sometimes it is in the small adventures, isn’t it?

Oh, this scene is on the Lofoten Islands in Norway. You can stop your car every 4 seconds and find similar views to this. It’s maddening!

New Photo: Eye Of The Mountain

Here is a little moonrise for you! I was taking sunset pictures and just about to leave the place when I realized a light emerging from behind the mountain. A few seconds later I was presented with this amazing scene – I don’t think I assembled my tripod that fast ever before! It lasted for about 2 minutes, after which the moon was too far up to keep that perceptually large proportion. The moral of the story is – sometimes it’s good to stay a bit longer and see what happens.