New Photo: Steep Drop

Iceland has tons of waterfalls – some you can reach by foot, others you might want to use a drone for. This one here is a drone shot – simple, no hidden story – just a snap of nature’s beauty.

New Photo: The Sea Monster

Bad weather is usually my worst enemy when travelling, but in this case it actually helped me to get this super moody shot! Black sand beach in Iceland has these stone pillar things, but in the fog, they give the impression of a monster coming out of the water.

New Photo: Without Fear

Iceland has some incredible landscapes to offer to those who wish to explore it. Other than that though, there is some awesome wildlife – and not-so-wild life. This is a group of Icelandic horses that were just grazing relatively close to the road.

New Photo: Icy Waters

Standing in front of a glacier is already impressive. Flying over one with a drone is even more interesting – just look at these patterns! You might think these are just small cracks in the ice – but every single one of those ravines is large enough to swallow people, cars, and even falling drones.

New Photo: Mighty One

Icelands waterfalls are impressive – even more so if they have a beautiful cave that goes with it! I am used to having to hike to places like this for hours – but nope, not in Iceland. This one here was 10 min walking from our Hotel!