New Photo: Curious Not-Bison

Its funny, really – cows, horses, sheep, and sometimes cats are often attracted to the clicking noise of a camera! Turns out, they are not the only ones!
Here is the thing – I am aware this is not a bison. But I can’t remember what it is – so let’s call it a non-bison! In Germany, there is a little area called ‘Neandertal’ which has some great historical importance to it. While history is not really my jam, they also have all sorts of animals that fit the area in rager humongous enclosers – which totally is my jam!

New Photo: Muddy Water

Just a sleeping croc. The photo was taken from a bridge, aiming the camera directly downward. The details on the back are beautiful, though there’s definitely an aura of danger when you look at those guys.

New Photo: Follow The Red Line

I am hunting for stairs like these for years! I have never managed to find some – either the building was closed, the stairs were closed off, I couldn’t find them, or whatever – but in Cologne, Germany, I managed to find a couple that have that beautiful twisted look.