New Photo: The Sea Monster

Bad weather is usually my worst enemy when travelling, but in this case it actually helped me to get this super moody shot! Black sand beach in Iceland has these stone pillar things, but in the fog, they give the impression of a monster coming out of the water.

New Photo: The Blue In The Green

Costa Rica at its finest – the water was actually this blue! To get to this little lagoon, you had to simply walk down 500 steps. That’s fine – what is not fine is the way back up, at least not with 90% humidity and 35 degrees Celcius! One couldn’t even go for a swim to cool down…

New Photo: Unexpected Motives

Sardinia has many awesome beaches – but many of them are obviously completely full of tourists. This beach here was one of the worst – huge boats would bring even bigger groups of tourists all the time as the beach is secluded and has many of these small caves that allow for some great Instagram photos. Most of the people only went to the larger caves though, so I decided to explore the smaller ones – like this one here. With a wide angle lens and after removing the people from the photo, this overcrowded spot became one of my favourite photos from Sardinia. Word of advice – don’t venture too far into the caves. Trust me.

New Photo: Curious Not-Bison

Its funny, really – cows, horses, sheep, and sometimes cats are often attracted to the clicking noise of a camera! Turns out, they are not the only ones!
Here is the thing – I am aware this is not a bison. But I can’t remember what it is – so let’s call it a non-bison! In Germany, there is a little area called ‘Neandertal’ which has some great historical importance to it. While history is not really my jam, they also have all sorts of animals that fit the area in rager humongous enclosers – which totally is my jam!