Quick Photoshop Perspective Fix

Welcome back photo friends! In this tutorial, we will be exploring the Puppet Warp Tool in Photoshop and how it can be used to fix perspective issues. Why? Because I messed up a shot and need to fix it!

The Puppet Warp Tool is a powerful feature in Photoshop that allows you to manipulate and distort specific parts of an image while keeping the rest of the image intact. It’s a great tool for making subtle adjustments to an image without having to redo the entire image.

Change Day To Night | Photoshop Editing Tutorial

change day to night in photoshop editing tutorial

Welcome back, everyone! Have you ever taken a photo that you thought is great but then you never really know how to get it to shine? In my experience, some photos just don’t turn out great, independent of how often I try to edit them the usual way.

This photo was one of those – I tried editing this countless times, but never really got it to where I wanted to go (which I didn’t know). However, after being inspired by awesome photographer Stefan Tiesing, I thought – why not turn this into an awesome night photo?

Add a Blue Color Feel to Your Image | Photoshop Editing Example

how to add a blue color feel to your image in photoshop

Welcome back! In today’s video, we will fix something reaaaaaaaally annoying – I went to the Heiterwanger Lake – just a stunning lake like many – but as I arrived just before sunset and there was snow everywhere, it was obviously cold. However, the original image did not feel cold at all! This is one …