New Photo: Peaky Peakers

Sardinia was a trip! That’s right, a trip and a trip. While exploring the island by public transport, we managed to always be at a stunning little beach during sunset and sunrise – this was one of those sunrises. The water was cold, and you didn’t see where you stepped (and if there was something you could step on) – but the results were absolutely worth it.

New Photo: Shades of Venice

Venice is famous for its small streets, canals, gondolas, and apparently a very bad smell in the summer. The latter I have never experienced myself – but another aspect of Venice that I didn’t really realize the first time I was there – people watching!! This picture is taken from a cafe in the city center where I spent about 3 hours just observing (and taking pictures of) the hundreds of people that rush by. Toward the end, I noticed this little scene and thought it nicely combines the spirit of that visit – busyness, an architectural marvel, history, and a simple feeling of … cool! Make sure Venice is on your list!

New Photo: Gone Are The Words

I mean … just look at it! There is nature, and then there is NATURE! You are looking at a scene from the Lofoten Islands in Norway – one that was just too stunning. We had to climb from our Rorbu (a traditional fishing hut) onto a little nearby hill for about 10 min. That was enough to be rewarded with stunning views all around. I was rather angry that I cut off that straw ball thingy at the bottom, but the vista still tells you enough. It tells you to pack your bags and book your next flight to the Lofoten Islands!