New Photo: Norway Mountains

Norway’s mountains are quite impressive. I visited the Lofoten Islands to see exactly that – and I was not disappointed. Combined with beautiful sunsets and vibrant colors, everywhere I looked was simply stunning. Look at this image for a moment and take it all in!

New Photo: Shades of Venice

Venice is famous for its small streets, canals, gondolas, and apparently a very bad smell in the summer. The latter I have never experienced myself – but another aspect of Venice that I didn’t really realize the first time I was there – people watching!! This picture is taken from a cafe in the city center where I spent about 3 hours just observing (and taking pictures of) the hundreds of people that rush by. Toward the end, I noticed this little scene and thought it nicely combines the spirit of that visit – busyness, an architectural marvel, history, and a simple feeling of … cool! Make sure Venice is on your list!