New Photo: View Recovered

I am not a great drone pilot – at all. I fly slow, always scared a bird is gonna crash into my drone. As a result, I do at times forget to check the actual camera settings – and as a result of that result, I sometimes get completely underexposed images. This photo here is one of those – it was completely underexposed. I managed to recover some details, but any zoom might reveal some strange colored pixels. Still – works for screens, so I take it!

New Photo: Mountain Road

The curse of loving photography is that you never just ‘do something’. Even just driving in a car as a passenger. Others might just sit and maybe check the phone, listen to music, or play a dumb travel game – but my head goes around like a lighthouse, trying to see opportunities to abruptly stop the car. So I did in this case – and I gotta say, that feeling of standing on a road that is properly frequented never gets old. Don’t worry, each crossing takes 4 seconds and there is no danger to me or other drivers, but it’s still a fun little rush every time. Sometimes it is in the small adventures, isn’t it?

Oh, this scene is on the Lofoten Islands in Norway. You can stop your car every 4 seconds and find similar views to this. It’s maddening!

New Photo: The Elusive One

Now – this is just in my head. I spent years trying to find a scene like this! Simple leading lines, a tree, and some awesome clouds. How can it be so hard? I see other photographers find those scenes regularly – so I wonder how! If you know of a place that fulfils these three criteria, do let me know!

New Photo: Sticking Out

One thing I have to train myself in is to pay attention to unusual perspectives and angles. I often get stuck looking at my environment the same way – so my photos often have the same look and feel. Gotta break that habit, right?
Here, I was walking along a cliff in Bavaria, Germany, and noticed this little branch sticking out on the side. What you see in the background are trees from rather far above – so altogether, I thought with a little color we can really make this little dude stand out. And we did – and we did.

New Photo: Gone Are The Words

I mean … just look at it! There is nature, and then there is NATURE! You are looking at a scene from the Lofoten Islands in Norway – one that was just too stunning. We had to climb from our Rorbu (a traditional fishing hut) onto a little nearby hill for about 10 min. That was enough to be rewarded with stunning views all around. I was rather angry that I cut off that straw ball thingy at the bottom, but the vista still tells you enough. It tells you to pack your bags and book your next flight to the Lofoten Islands!