New Photo: Steep Drop

Iceland has tons of waterfalls – some you can reach by foot, others you might want to use a drone for. This one here is a drone shot – simple, no hidden story – just a snap of nature’s beauty.

New Photo: Without Fear

Iceland has some incredible landscapes to offer to those who wish to explore it. Other than that though, there is some awesome wildlife – and not-so-wild life. This is a group of Icelandic horses that were just grazing relatively close to the road.

New Photo: Icy Waters

Standing in front of a glacier is already impressive. Flying over one with a drone is even more interesting – just look at these patterns! You might think these are just small cracks in the ice – but every single one of those ravines is large enough to swallow people, cars, and even falling drones.

New Photo: Mighty One

Icelands waterfalls are impressive – even more so if they have a beautiful cave that goes with it! I am used to having to hike to places like this for hours – but nope, not in Iceland. This one here was 10 min walking from our Hotel!

New Photo: Watery Shapes

Take a second to think about what you are looking at. No really, take your time. Any idea?
You are looking at a drone shot of the end of river Ölfusa, taken right next to the Flói Nature Reserve. I asked why this looks so absolutely incredible and was told, that, as the river flows, it simply carries sediments that sort of get stuck on the wavy ground.