New Photo: View Recovered

I am not a great drone pilot – at all. I fly slow, always scared a bird is gonna crash into my drone. As a result, I do at times forget to check the actual camera settings – and as a result of that result, I sometimes get completely underexposed images. This photo here is one of those – it was completely underexposed. I managed to recover some details, but any zoom might reveal some strange colored pixels. Still – works for screens, so I take it!

New Photo: Influencers Heaven

Iceland has many hidden gems. This is a place that we thought was a hidden gem! Turns out, it’s not so hidden anymore. One of the friends I was travelling with went here years ago, and by that time you had to park in the middle of nowhere, walk through a field for 40 min, and arrive at this location. Well, now you arrive at a proper parking slot, paved walkways with fences, and a mass of people.

New Photo: Icy Waters

Here is just a quick shot from icy Iceland! It was already super dark and we flew around with our drones – which is actually a bit scary as you never know when you fly into another drone! Anyway, it was quite too dark for my little drone so I had to reduce the noise in the photo a lot, but the picture doesn’t need a lot of details which makes it still work. There was also a seal swimming around all the time, but of course, it didn’t show up when you needed it to complete your photo…

New Photo: Monk Path

The Giants Causeway in Ireland reminds me a little on those old martial arts movies, where monks would balance on absurd structures to improve their strength. I can just see them jumping from one weird stone to another here!