My Wildlife Photography Editing Workflow | Make your Photos Pop In Photoshop

Are your wildlife photos falling flat despite your best efforts? Dive into the world of wildlife photography editing with me as we journey from acceptable to outstanding. In this blog post, I’ll give you a sneak peek into the magic happening in my latest YouTube video, where I show you the simplicity of turning your …

New Photo: Cracked Flow

Iceland has tons of waterfalls – some larger, some smaller. Some of them are very touristic, and the ones that weren’t up until now seem to get there more and more – but this particular one isn’t! Over time, you will see a shot similar to this more and more – but I just love how the stones in the foreground create that natural frame for the waterfall!

New Photo: The Hunted View

You know what’s the problem with every good reflection? It requires calm water, which often means … flies! Will I fondly remember this place? Maybe. But I will definitely remember the fury for being hunted by 1000 little annoying flies!