New Photo: Connected Land

Images like this make me think – Back before they built these bridges, getting around was a super pain! For every little trip, you had to take some sort of boat, navigate the currents, and ideally not crash into random rocks … Amazing how over the last many years we managed to remove many of these obstacles.

New Photo: Two Worlds

Is up down? Or down up? This photo here from Norway shows one of the most beautiful reflections I have ever seen. The sky was rather empty, but I felt like in this case simplicity was key! Imagine waking up in the morning and this is your view!

New Photo: The Dream

The view everyone wants, the view no one gets hehe. I had to work to get that sky in here, but the result looks exactly how I imagined the perfect night scene on the Lofoten Islands in Norway.

New Photo: Norway Mountains

Norway’s mountains are quite impressive. I visited the Lofoten Islands to see exactly that – and I was not disappointed. Combined with beautiful sunsets and vibrant colors, everywhere I looked was simply stunning. Look at this image for a moment and take it all in!