New Photo: Bad Dragons Eye

Bad Dragons Eye

The Lofoten Islands in Norway have many awesome photography spots! This one here is called ‘The Dragons Eye’ – but there are two things that I might have messed up a little.
The first thing wasn’t my fault – see, if I would turn the camera around like a dad would his car with screaming children, I would see an amazing mountain range. usually, the best scene you can shoot is with the Dragons Eye in the foreground and that mountain range in the background. Well, the way the waves were, it was impossible for me to stand on the other side of the eye to do that. This view, while still awesome, is therefore somewhat more simplistic. Ok, not my fault, but the next thing – That stone in the foreground is submerged in water, which means you have reflections. Using a specific lens filter usually gets rid of such reflections and makes the eye itself nice and sharp, but … I did not have that particular filter with me. To sum up, I would like to rewind time, turn the camera around, and get the eye nice and sharp – but as I can’t (for now), I will just have to take what I can and enjoy at least this little memory.