10 Tips On What To Look Out For When Buying A Tripod

tips for buying a tripod

Hi photo-lovers, today I want to talk about a topic that might not be as exciting as my usual videos and posts but I’ve been asked recently about a topic we all deal with at some point – tripods. That’s right, I’m talking about those three-legged beasts that every photographer needs, but no one wants to admit they need. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing the right tripod for you!

Tip 1: Consider the weight and height of your camera. The first thing to consider when buying a tripod is the weight and height of your camera. You want a tripod that can support the weight of your camera and lens, and also be tall enough for you to use comfortably. It’s like buying a chair, you want to make sure it’s comfortable and can support your weight.

Tip 2: Look for a tripod with a center column. A center column can help you adjust the height of the tripod, but be careful, as it can also make the tripod less stable.

Tip 3: Choose a tripod with adjustable legs. Tripods with adjustable legs can help you level the tripod on uneven surfaces. The alternative is something like a Gorilla pod, but you won’t have any flexibility when it comes to adjusting the height. Make sure that the mechanism of adjusting the length is easy and the connections are built sturdily – I had a cheap one back in the day and the leg literally just came off after a month of usage.

Tip 4: Look for a tripod with a ball head. A ball head allows you to adjust the angle of the camera quickly and easily. Careful though – some tripods might have a ball head, but don’t support a lot of weight. And just like before, make sure the material is proper – you don’t want the head to fall off while your camera is on it.

Tip 5: Consider the type of photography you’ll be doing. Different types of photography require different types of tripods. For example, if you’re doing long-exposure photography, you’ll need a tripod with a low center of gravity and minimal vibration. If you’re doing action photography, you’ll need a tripod that’s quick to set up and adjust.

Tip 6: Don’t skimp on the tripod. A good tripod is an investment, so don’t skimp on quality. It’s like buying a car, you don’t want to buy a cheap one that will break down on you. Trust me, if you are out a lot, rather spent a bit more now instead of having to buy a new one every year. My tripod recommendation for a great all-rounder is below.

Tip 7: Look for a tripod with a hook. A hook on the bottom of the center column can be used to hang weight from the tripod, making it more stable. This is awesome if you are out and its windy – simply hook your backpack to your tripod and make it more stable.

Tip 8: Consider the size and weight of the tripod. You’ll want a tripod that is easy to transport, so consider the size and weight of the tripod when making your decision. Especially if you are hiking and you need to carry the thing with you all the time – a 500g difference can be quite noticeable after 4 hours of walking!

Tip 9: Look for a tripod with a warranty. A warranty can give you peace of mind in case something goes wrong with your tripod. Of course, you can buy secondhand – but if you never used a tripod before, I suggest taking it on a trip first – if it breaks due to bad quality you at least won’t lose anything,

Tip 10: Do your research. Read reviews and talk to other photographers to get their recommendations. There are usually also loads of tests on Youtube – so make sure to check that out before buying!

In conclusion, buying a tripod can be a daunting task, but it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run. By considering the weight and height of your camera, looking for a tripod with a center column and adjustable legs, choosing the right type of tripod for your photography, and doing your research, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect tripod for your needs.

The best tripod (in my opinion) is the one from Peak Design. Yes, it’s a bit more on the pricy side, but I have had mine now for like 5 years and the thing is absolutely perfect. It has a hook for stabilization, a ball head, and even a little gadget to strap in your phone – make sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading – I hope these tips have given you a few ideas on what to look for when buying a tripod.