New Photo: Influencers Heaven

Influencers Heaven

Iceland has many hidden gems. This is a place that we thought was a hidden gem! Turns out, it’s not so hidden anymore. One of the friends I was travelling with went here years ago, and by that time you had to park in the middle of nowhere, walk through a field for 40 min, and arrive at this location. Well, now you arrive at a proper parking slot, paved walkways with fences, and a mass of people.
Either way, it’s still a cool spot! It is much smaller as one might guess from photos and the compositions are somewhat limited – but you can hike further and see some more landscape if you like. The bigger issue is that it is located faaaaaaaar in the east – meaning its a commitment to go there that might take the better part of a day, depending on where you are. Considering the number of people and the effort to get there, I will probably not return. It will only get worse!