New Photo: A Nile Hello

egypt nile cruise shore

If you ever cruise along the Nile in Egypt, make sure to keep an eye out left and right. Often you will find groups of young people that gather and wave to you – granted, I wasn’t sure why they would gather where they did, but who am I to know the spots where young hang out these days along the Nile.

New Photo: Can I Interest You In Some Cloth

Egypt Boat Driver

While shipping across the Nile in Egypt, little boats would pull up alongside our boat. Note, that our boat was around 8 meters high – those boats … were not. So they would pull up, pull out anything from headscarves to carpets, ask (screamingly) if anyone is interested – and if they even slightly assume that you or anyone else that’s looking is interested, they’d pack the object in a plastic bag, seal it, and literally throw it up onto the deck of our boat. You are then expected to remove the item from the bag, place the money in the bag, and throw the bag back down.

Some of the people we traveled with didn’t have any interest – but found a bag at their feet either way. They felt guilty that the guy went through all the trouble and bought some scarves – at least you will always remember where you bought them! Also, props to the aiming skills!