New Photo: Back In Time

Back In Time

There is a famous town in Egypt – of which I sadly forgot the name – that operates traffic mainly with horses. This is surely a tourist attraction tactic, but either way, they are famous for it. The drivers of the carriages usually shout at each other a lot as well which is just part of it – and if you are a tourist, you will easily think they are about to start a fight any second now.

We chose not to use horse carriages. This is a decision that anyone has to make for themselves, but man … imagine 40 degrees C. We saw horses that stood in the sun, with no shade, and no water, for hours. HOURS. Most of them had clear open injuries. I couldn’t even stand in the sun for more than 5 minutes, so we decided not to support this if we can avoid it and take a taxi from the shore to one of the temples there.

Many cars in Egypt are quite old – and so was our taxi. I mean, just look at it! Big thumbs up to our driver – in a city that mainly has horses on the road, he managed quite well to navigate in between them. Granted, he shouted and screamed at them to make space (I think, I didn’t understand of course) – made me think the horn was broken and this was his way of announcing his presence in the street.