New Photo: Petrified Virgins At Night

Petrified Virgins At Night

Herbrechtingen is a small town in Germany – and just outside of it, there are these stone pillars. It’s a nice 20 min walk through the german countryside to get here, and there is literally nothing else around, but the strange formation is worth it.

Here is the legend of that place in a nutshell:

There was a castle with a princess.
She was pretty but also very proud, no one was good enough for her.
She became old and men weren’t interested in her anymore.
The princess started to hate all men.
The princess forbids her two female servants to have anything to do with men.
The two servants would once a day go and fetch water from the river and return to the castle for a full winter, without incident.
In spring, the servants hear singing on their daily walk, follow it, find a fisherman, spent time with him, and are happy.
The princess suspects something’s up, follows them, gets into a rage, and screams ‘Become stone! This shall be your punishment’.
The two servants turned to stone – and those are the two spikes you see here in the image.
The story ends with lightning destroying the castle and killing the princess.

Love the good old happy ending stories of old…