New Photo: The Carriers Break

The Carriers Break

I don’t think I need to explain what these are. I went into the smaller one on the left – and let me say, being nearly 2 meters tall (I think that’s like 2 washing machines in the US) is not a benefit when walking into a tomb. You walk in a crouching position for several minutes, pass some ladders, feel the air getting thick and the temperatures rise as you go in – until you reach a small chamber of maybe 5 by 3 meters. There is no decoration, no ornaments, no wall painting, just a small tombstone and one guy waiting for you. As you arrive, he takes pictures of you with that tombstone – for a price, of course – and you walk back out the way you came in. If you are faced with the choice and you really want to go inside one of the pyramids, choose the smaller one. The larger one is exactly the same, just with longer walks and a higher entrance fee. It’s a tomb after all – if you want wall paintings and such, there are enough temples around!