How To Edit City Photos in Photoshop – Editing Example

Welcome back! Today we will use Photoshop to do some very beginner-friendly photo editing on a city image. Editing City Photos in Photoshop can be easy! You can create color feels, selectively enhance structures, add some drama and more. In this video, we will:

1. Transform the photo using the transform tool – 00:35 min
2. Change the sky with one click in photoshop – 01:15 min
3. Add contrast to the photo using curve adjustments – 02:40 min
4. Change the color feeling of the photo using Hue/Saturation layers and curve adjustments – 03:00 min
5. Add a vignette using the camera raw filter – 04:20 min
6. Selectively add clarity to the buildings to make them pop – 08:00 min

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The photo btw is from Rome – taken at around 35 degrees C! Rome was one of my few travels between the lockdowns – and as everything was basically closed, I walked a lot, as you do. This image was taken from the Villa Borghese and offers a really great view of the city. Actually, that’s not entirely true – one thing that was open was a little van shop kinda deal that sold ice-cold beer. I think I had several to cool down, hehe.