How to remove crazy noise in Photoshop

How to remove crazy noise in Photoshop

Noise. We all know it, most of the time we don’t like it. So, here is a super short tutorial on how to get rid of it – even if the noise is really strong. Here is what you’ve gotta do:

  • duplicate your layer (optional, hehe)
  • go to filter -> camera raw filter
  • go to “detail”, the third option pallet
  • play with luminance sliders and colour sliders
  • create a layer mask and brush areas through to bring detail back in areas where you don’t want the effect (optional of course)
  • duplicate the layer, change blending mode to soft or hard light and apply the high pass filter to bring back some detail

In the video above I just use the luminance slider, of course feel free to experiment with the colour slider as well in the camera raw filter. I was quick and dirty here (thus lost some detail – take your time so it won’t happen), but you know what to do from there, hehe. Ah, if you think – well, I still lose some detail, then you are absolutely correct. Removing noise in Photoshop essentially means removing information of the image. Therefore, it is all about finding the perfect compromise between the detail and the smooth image. That sounds worst than it is haha, it just takes some getting used to. 

By the way, thats Paris. Louvre. I guess you saw that already – I processed this image recently, so make sure to check out my processing steps for the whole image.

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