New Photo: The Professional Photographer

So this was actually a little funny – I spent some time at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, when it started to rain badly. Now, the couple that you see in the image had booked a professional photographer for the evening that came prepared – he pulled out a couple of umbrellas right away and every time the light would turn green, all of them would run to the centre of the road. The couple then quickly changed into a hugging/kissing position and the photographer took about 4000 pictures.

They repeated this for about 30 min, going back and forth. I was running around, too, but in the end decided to take a quick shot as well. On the left, you can actually see the arm of the photographer – as he completes the story of my image, I have decided not to crop him out or photoshop him away.

Thanks to the couple and the photographer for the nice scene!


The Professional Photographer